I Look HORRIBLE During 5Ks (here's the proof)

>> Monday, October 20, 2014

There are some pretty sweet photos in the album of official photos from the "ALS Superhero Dash" 9 days ago. Here are some of my favorites along with some horrible ones of me and Henry:



The group of LEGIT costumes out there!

She's got the same batman shirt as me, but she has cooler friends.


The "legit" Captain, some Ironkids, and an awesome tighty-whitey superhero.

Just before the start of the 5K - I'm about 10 feet behind (the male) Captain America.

As I said in my race report, Henry and I jumped into the lead after a few feet, and just kept pulling away from the group. Here we are just a minute into the race:

It looks like we're not even moving.

Now it looks like we're running.

This is the next photo in the album after the 2 of me and Henry.
The guy leading this pack is the middle-aged guy I noted I passed early on.

Fat Luigi.

ALS Association Executive Director Jen (in the Wonder Woman getup).

More of the nearly 500 5K runners.

An awesome He-Man.

Waiting for the runners to do their lap around the lake.

Looking through the tunnel to the finish.

Henry and I came barreling up to the tunnel nearly 4 minutes ahead of anyone else, and we totally caught this family off-guard and freaked them out:

Scared them off the path. Oh, and sweet baby Jesus... look at my face.

Close-up of that last photo. There's the "vein of approval!" It approves of this effort.
But the rest of my face.......... dear Lord.

Running hard towards the tunnel.

Another gross close-up. Henry looks chill, though.

Headed to the finish.

Well, I guess it's OK to be a little ugly/gross at the end of a 17:56 certified 5K while pushing a stroller. Right?... RIGHT?... I hope so. Here are a few more photos:

Here's 2nd and 3rd running side-by-side.

Brette (Jen's hubby) was passed by Fat Luigi, so here I think he's checking
to make sure he won't be passed by Fat Mario.

Fat Luigi catching his breath post-race.

He-Man made an unlikely friend during the race.

A pretty sweet Wolverine. He's running WITH A CIGAR IN HIS MOUTH. Nice touch.

These next 4 photos show the definition of a "second wind:"

"Ugh... how much farther?"

"I don't know if I can do this..."

"Oh wait... the finish is just up THERE?!?"

"LET'S GO!!!"


Henry and I getting our 1st place medal from Storm and Wonder Woman.

Heading back to the car. Henry has his "stick guns."

Check out Henry's and my race report from last week if you missed it.
Here's all the "official" race photos in a Flickr album with 1400 photos.
And here's the race website. Thanks ALS Superhero Dash!


Running with Two Boys

>> Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pharmie busted out our double stroller for a RUN for the first time. We've got a "Thule Chariot Cougar 2" that we've used as a bike trailer a bunch of times, but never as a jogging stroller. (Check that link if you want to see how it transforms from a "regular" stroller, to a jogger, a bike trailer, and a CC ski sled.) The boys both needed a haircut, so Pharmie loaded them up for a 6-mile round trip run:

Loaded up on the (sunny) sidewalk.

At the barbers once Henry got out to get his haircut.

After 2 haircuts! Ready to head home.

There's a shade/visor you can pull down, and here's Charlie sleeping underneath it mid-run.

Back home on the porch post-run! Six successful miles with Mama!

Pharmie said it wasn't too much harder than running with our single BOB stroller (that's the stroller you've seen a lot of here - like in Henry's first 5K win a week ago). One thing she liked about the Chariot is that the front wheel attaches a little "loose" - it wobbles and seems janky. But as she found out while running, that wobble helps you to steer a bit easier.

If you're curious about running strollers, here's a link to a "review" I did of our BOB stroller just a few months after Henry was born. All the info is still true.

And in totally unrelated news, the boys and I made our yearly trip to "Minnesota's Largest Candy Store" yesterday. CLICK HERE to see lots of photos of their sweet soda selection in a post from earlier today on my "root beer blog" - I totally stocked up. Here's Charlie and I watching his brother and cousins play after getting sugared up:

Back shortly with race photos from Henry's and my 5K last week. I just saw the photos and MY GOD I LOOK LIKE HELL! Guess that's what happens when trying to race a 5K with a stroller...


Friday Funny 811: Responding with Sassiness

>> Friday, October 17, 2014

These people are sassy. I like them:

Technically, #15 is right. Right?

Lots more funny stuff on posted all week long on steveinaspeedo.tumblr.com.


Friday Funny 810: Preschool Knowledge About Bats

We had conferences at Henry's preschool this past week. (Yes, that's a thing, even for 3-year-olds, and it's adorable.) We saw a recent bat project hanging in the hall. Some of the quotes were pretty good. Henry's makes no sense:

We forgot to ask what the "pony basket" is. We're confused.
I'll ask his teachers next week and report back.

Here are 4 others that made Pharmie and I laugh:

This kid seems to be a Batman groupie.


Dads are gross like that.

Sounds like someone might have issues with his Mom...

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Friday Funny 809: One-Star Reviews of National Parks

Mashable shared 10 reviews that were either 1 or 2 stars given at different National Parks:

Well... yeah.

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