Study Shows Benefits of Working Out

>> Saturday, April 19, 2014

If you're on my blog, you probably enjoy working out. (Or you have a sick fetish for body hair, but hey, I'm not judging you.) There is a recent article that references some major studies (done at Penn State) that talks about the effects of exercising.

We all know that we FEEL better after working out, and it's an endorphin release that does that. As the article says, "... the somewhat scary part is that they have a very similar and addictive behavior like morphine, heroine or nicotine. The only difference? Well, it’s actually good for us."

Here's some interesting parts of that article that talk about HOW and WHEN working out can help you:

A recent study from Penn State university shed some light on the matter and the results are more than surprising. They found that to be more productive and happier on a given work day, it doesn’t matter so much, if you work-out regularly, if you haven’t worked out on that particular day:

“Those who had exercised during the preceding month but not on the day of testing generally did better on the memory test than those who had been sedentary, but did not perform nearly as well as those who had worked out that morning.”

New York Times best-selling author Gretchen Reynolds has written a whole book about the subject matter titled “The first 20 minutes”. To get the highest level of happiness and benefits for health, the key is not to become a professional athlete. On the contrary, a much smaller amount is needed to reach the level where happiness and productivity in every day life peaks:

“The first 20 minutes of moving around, if someone has been really sedentary, provide most of the health benefits. You get prolonged life, reduced disease risk — all of those things come in in the first 20 minutes of being active.”

So really, you can relax and don’t have to be on the look-out for the next killer work-out. All you have to do is get some focused 20 minutes in to get the full happiness boost every day.
So get out for just a few minutes of activity if you can... if not for a "workout," then do it for the mental benefits! Have a good weekend!


Friday Funny 709: Puns and Funny Links

>> Friday, April 18, 2014

Finally, as I do every few weeks, here are some funny posts from my tumblr page from the last 2 weeks:

Athletic-related funny things:

Why I run.

[GIF] One of the weirdest bikes ever.


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After working out for 10 minutes.

I don't think that's what it means...

Great ad campaign to get people to wear their helmets.

[GIF] My workout routine.

How to tell if someone has ran a marathon.

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

[GIF] This is a strong, flexible woman! (One of my "hard bodies of the day.")

And for the ladies, here are some more "hard bodies of the day" - some beefy crossfit dudes.

Non-athletic funny things:

This looks safe.

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Science joke.

Me after Chipotle.

[GIF] What?

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There's a lot of debate over which way to hang a roll of toilet paper, but I'm 100% sure this is the wrong way.

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And as always, stop by for funnies all week long. Happy weekend!!


Friday Funny 708: APPROPRIATE Fitness Inspiration

There are a lot of "fitness inspiration" images out there. But many are just unrealistic and impossible. Here are 10 that are FIXED:

Darn right. I always need to remember that.

Nope. I'll go with sex. Definitely sex.
Sex is like 6938495 times more satisfying than having clear pee.

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Friday Funny 707: Interesting Airline Safety Rules

Oh, THAT'S where to look to figure out someone's sex. Thanks, airline safety cards.

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Friday Funny 706: You Know You're An Adult When...

Many many of these hit a little too close to home.

I eat breakfast food for many meals, but I think the point here
is that I'm no longer eating leftover pizza for breakfast.

Sex is never out of the question. Never.

Lots more funnies updated every few hours on!


I Ain't No Liar

>> Thursday, April 17, 2014

Yesterday, good buddy / pro triathlete Devon Palmer tweeted about my ankle:

A local race buddy piped up and called me a liar:

Well, I had my lovely wife snap a "full body" shot yesterday afternoon to show that I am truly the one attached to that ugly, no-longer-foot-model-worthy foot:

As you can see, the purple is starting to go down, but now everything's turning yellow. And a bigger bruise is appearing in the arch of my foot. Super. (See my last 2 posts [here and here] for more ankle photos.)

I hope to TRY to run this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes. I've got that final indoor triathlon (600 yd swim, 12 mile bike, 5K run) in 10 days, and I hope everything is ready for that!


Putting my Purple Ankle to Work

>> Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Even though I badly sprained my ankle on Thursday, there was stuff I needed to get done this weekend. Here's what we did:

On Friday, Henry and I got a load of dirt from the compost site:

This was taken from my perspective - he was about 8 feet up.

Using the scrub brush to get under his nails after playing in the dirt.

This is from a few days earlier - this is what we needed dirt for. We need to back-fill
around 3 sides of our garage that was built last fall. And we hope to put in some
narrow raised veggie gardens on this side once we get it all cleaned up.

On Saturday, I hopped in the pool for Henry's swim lessons:

Working on his front crawl (with a turtle).

Hamming it up in the shallows.

Then I iced my ankle and took some drugs during Henry's nap:

Ibuprofen, computer, ice around ankle, and Ella being crowded out by my feet.

Ella doesn't care for my feet invading her personal space.

Finally, on Sunday, we rented a truck from Menards and filled it up twice with compost to backfill around our garage and get ready for 2 gardens:

Loading dirt with Henry. Do you know how many shovels full of dirt it takes
to fill up the back of a pick up? Like, more than 25. Possibly more than 40.

Henry always wanted me to bury his feet.

Pharmie moved some dirt around in the truck once I chucked it there. (She's wearing a mask
just as a precaution - there's some stuff in dirt that pregnant woman shouldn't be breathing in.)

Muddy shoes by the side door.

Henry and I stepped out twice on Monday to pick up rocks, twigs, pinecones, trash, etc from all the dirt we hauled the day before. (We'll have to do that a few more times - it's great compost, but there's some extra junk in it.) After doing that and raking it level, here's what it all looks like:

Back of garage from neighbor's back yard. We have 3 feet of property along this side,
and we're going to be making skinny raised veggie beds to go along here!

Looking east (towards the house) from the north side of the garage. We'll extend the grass
a few feet, and plant an herb garden in the middle of this. (You can see chives coming up.)

My sexy sexy sexy ankle after working outside a bit with Henry yesterday.

If you missed yesterday's post, scroll down or click here to see the first few days of my swollen and purple ankle.

Oh, and 1 final Henry update: he's now been in his "big boy bed" for over 2 weeks. He fell out around 1 a.m. on his 2nd night, and he fell out again about a week ago. We have a pillow tucked under the fitted sheet on the edge, and that helps. Here he is just before I had to wake him up after a nap last week:


Big Ol' Purple Ankle

>> Monday, April 14, 2014

Thursday night:

ME TO MY WIFE: "You just put Henry to bed. I can move the couch to the curb. No problem. I got this."

LIFE TO ME: "Ha ha, yeah right."

Purple, and double in size. Super. Just super.

That was taken Friday afternoon about 18 hours after trying to move the couch. I DID get the couch to where it needed to be to get picked up by the trash guys, but it was as I was fine tuning it's placement so my wife would be able to get her car out of the garage that I step/twisted funny while lifting it and felt/heard a pop.

Here's a photo a few hours later on Friday night (24 hours after hurting it):

And here's what it looked like 48 hours after injuring it:

Bruising moving farther up my leg, still swollen as hell. Fan-freaking-tastic.

And here's what it looked like yesterday - 3 days after hurting it and after spending most of the morning doing yard work:

Lots more bruising all over the gosh-darn place, and lots of edema.

So needless to say, I didn't do that bike/run/bike/run/bike/run/bike/run workout on Saturday. I'll be taking some time off from running and biking (and probably swimming). I've been icing it, raising it as much as I can, and taking lots of ibuprofen for it's anti-inflammatory qualities as directed by my pharmacist wife.

But life goes on. I can't rest it as much as I'd like. We did a lot of yard work yesterday, and I'll be back with photos of that soon. Time to ice before Henry gets up.



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