Racing This Weekend!!

>> Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Well, last night we finally secured a sitter for the boys. That means Pharmie and I have our first duathlon of the season on the books for Saturday!

Me and my cutie in transition as seen in my 2017 race report.

I will NOT have any major goals for this race as I'm not in SUPER shape and I still haven't been outside on my bike yet this year. But I'll go hard and see what happens. I may not have a "goals" post pre-race, but stay tuned for updates this weekend and a race report next week!

And CLICK HERE if you want to register.



>> Monday, April 23, 2018

Four weeks ago was my slowest 5K in over 10 years at the Hot Dash 5K in Minneapolis. I gave three possible reasons in that race report for it being so crappy: lack of speed work, just a "bad day," and/or Henry's tonsillectomy the day before wiping me out. I also could have noted a 4th reason of working out VERY little that week because my foot was sore.

Here were my half mile splits through 3 miles of that 5K:


17:56 through 3 miles (18:36 total for the 5K)

Well, on Friday, I took Charlie for a stroller run as I do most Friday mornings. We did 5 miles, but I did the middle 3 hard. (No other specific goal; I wasn't trying to keep them even, or descend, or anything like that. Just "hard.")

Here were my half mile splits in that 3 mile tempo run:


17:57! Pushing a stroller!

OK, I've ran faster with the stroller before, but I'm just happy to see that I could run essentially the same speed WITH a stroller and withOUT the push from an actual race. That really helped confirm that the 5K WAS just a bad day.

(Oh, and as a possible 5th issue: it could have been so bad because I started so fast as well. Sure, my absolute FASTEST races have been even or positive split, but those have been the races where I'm in top form, unlike the other 99.5% of my life. Generally, I prefer to start a BIT more easier, and then negative split - which I did NOT do at the 5K, but I DID do [naturally; without trying] on this stroller run with Charlie.)


Fall Down Go Boom

>> Saturday, April 21, 2018

It's late April for the love of Pete. We shouldn't have to still be worried about this crap. But because of all the snow we got last weekend, I slipped and went down hard on a run early Wednesday morning. I ran another 4 miles like this:

My right knee when I got home. My left knee was a little scrapped up too.

Knuckles on my right hand. I went down so quick that I didn't even have time
to open my hands as I was carrying my mittens, so I landed on my knuckles.

Once I got my knee all cleaned up.

It happened here:

Coming down the "ramp" from the Franklin Ave Bridge on the west side of the
Mississippi, then getting ready to run on the trail south along the river.


The trail along the river was in GREAT shape, but no one cleared the trail DOWN to the river.

So I ran down the road to the river. Notice the sharp little jaunt around the unplowed
pedestrian crossing "triangle." That circle is where my legs slid out to the left.

The arrow shows where I fell, running about 6:00 pace. I literally SHOT back up and kept going.
No pausing my Garmin here - it registered me slowing to 8:00 pace and then speeding back up.

I figured right away that I was fine. I hit the ground HARD, but I wasn't in horrible pain. In fact, after about another mile towards home, I forgot that I had fallen. It wasn't until I got in the house and tried taking off my pants that I went YE-OUCH and remembered I'd wiped out. (Yes, those scrapes on my knee were THROUGH decently thick running pants... that now have a 50 cent piece sized hole in them.)

I wrapped up my knee and went about my day. A few hours later at the gym, I stretched my legs out a bit:

There you can see the smaller scrapes on my left knee.
And I chose the red mat kinda for the same reason Deadpool has a red suit.

Later that day, my knees just ACHED from the fall. The scrapes were OK, but it was more of the impact of the fall that hurt. The next day, I had some bruising on both knees: my more-cut-up right knee had a faint cell phone sized bruise below the knee. And my less-cut-up left knee had a smaller (but more visible) bruise below the scrapes:

This was actually 48+ hours post-fall. The worst bruise on the less scraped knee.

Both knees still ache quite a bit, but I'm confident I didn't "hurt" anything. I can't kneel down without wincing. The next few days are supposed to say above freezing, so hopefully the risk of falling on ice will be a LOT lower...


Friday Funny 1429: Funny Cycling Shirts

>> Friday, April 20, 2018

Here are 20 funny cycling t-shirts from

Lots more funny things posted all week long HAPPY WEEKEND!!


Friday Funny 1428: "Nopes"

Here are 18 instances where "NOPE" (and then running the other way) is the correct response:

This is in no way ment to disrespect ballerinas. If anything, it makes me respect them more. Yeouch.

BONUS (that I couldn't show without warning because I'm a decent human being): click HERE for the worst looking porta potty I've ever seen. I thought this was fake at first because of the lack of TP, but then I figured they could have ran out but people just kept going...

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